Takeda PDT Innovation Challenge

Looking for partnerships of non-invasive diagnostics to accelerate Recognition and Diagnosis of Primary Immunodeficiency

Why a Plasma Derived Therapies (PDT) Innovation Challenge?

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This is an initiative organised and funded by Takeda.

Targeting Rare Immunological Diseases with IG Therapy PI Overview

Primary Immunodeficiency(PI)

A group of ~485 genetic conditions that affect the immune system(1,2) >50% of patients are unable to produce functioning antibodies(2-4)

Rare: 0.2-87/100,000 people(2)

Symptoms show as severe, persistent or unusual, recurrent infections; increased susceptibility to non-infectious complications of the lung, gut, or autoimmune dysregulation

Diagnosis often delayed for decades

Unmet needs:

  • Lack of disease awareness among HCPs
  • Complex, multi-stage diagnostic protocol
  • Personalized care (Including diagnosis and tailored treatment)

*For more information and source citations, please see official challenge brouchure linked at the top of this page.

1. Tangye SG et al. J Clin Immunol 2022; doi.org/10.1007/s10875-022-01289-3; 2. Rezaei N et al. Introduction on Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases. 2017; 3. Kobrynski L et al. J Clin Immunol 2014;34:954–961; 4. Modell V et al. Immunol Res 2016;64:736–753.

What is Takeda Looking For?
Are you building an innovative solution that could rapidly screen for PI using a non-invasive method?

As a guide: 2 main biomarkers recommended to provide provide direction (of a patient suspected of PI)

  • Total IgG (including ig isotypes and IgG subclasses)
  • CRP (c-reactive protein)

  • These blood tests are available at any major lab corporation, but are generally only issued after an HCP professional (i.e. immunologist) has ordered the panel.

    There is an opportunity to test for PI sooner at any HCP office if the test is non-invasive. This could greatly reduce the time to diagnosis for those suffering with PI.

    Takeda PDT is looking for innovative ideas and technologies for non-invasive testing of:
    • Total IgG (including Ig isotypes and IgG subclasses)
    • CRP (c-reactive protein)

    These non-invasive methods can be early-stage tests still in R&D or completely built and shelf ready machines. Technologies should perform at least Total IgG and additionally CRP as an upside. Technologies that can test both in a non-invasive method are the most desirable.

Accelerate your innovation with Takeda

What can Takeda offer you?

  • A dedicated point of contact to start your partnership journey with Takeda PDT
  • We will tailor our partnership with the needs of the winner solution and based on how well the winning solution meets the challenge objectives. Partnerships can range from Proof-of-Concept funding a Co-Creation Project to Investment and Business Partnership.
  • Access to Takeda's Global Resources and Expertise
Enter Takeda Plasma Derived Therapies(PDT) Challenge: Applications are invited from individuals, groups or organisations. We're looking for bold ideas and solutions to increase Primary Immunodeficiency recognition and diagnosis to improve patient education, support and management in Primary Immunodeficiency.