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Your privacy and the protection of your personal data is important to us. This Privacy Notice explains the type of personal data Takeda may collect from you and how we use it.

Innovation Challenge Website Privacy Notice

Effective date of this privacy notice of August 2023: 

Takeda is a globally operating group of companies. The Takeda enterprise includes the parent company Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, and its affiliated entities (together “Takeda” or “We”). Should you contact us to report a problem or make a complaint or otherwise communicate with us, we collect information in order to resolve your query. For contact information related to your local affiliate, please refer to Takeda’s website at .

This website is managed by Brightidea Inc., 25 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States, on behalf of Takeda.

This website is provided to you for innovation challenges where companies, innovators and entrepreneurs are invited to participate. For this purpose, we collect, use, store and disclose information about you, including your (name, user name, phone number, country, organization type, organization name, education level, social media account addresses, personal website address).

When you visit the website, we also automatically collect technical information such as Internet Protocol (IP) address, your login information, your location, browser type and version, and your usage data.

The personal data collected about you will be shared with third-party hosting providers, service providers and business partners for preliminary relevance check and/ or for the Takeda Challenge Winner selection process. In such cases, Takeda will require these third parties to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal data that is shared with them. These third parties will be required to agree that they will not use or disclose personal data about you except as necessary to provide services to us or perform services on our behalf, or as necessary to comply with applicable laws or regulations.

The sharing of your personal data may involve transfers to other countries. The data protection and privacy laws in these countries may not provide the same level of protection as your home country. Takeda will put in place safeguards to adequately protect your personal data in connection with such transfers.

We have implemented a variety of security technologies and organizational procedures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use and disclosure.

Takeda will retain your personal data only for the appropriate period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Notice unless a longer retention period is required. Our retention of personal data is based on many factors such as your relationship with Takeda, the nature of the information and compliance with our legal obligations. For example, we may retain your personal data for a longer period if we are required to do so by law or if it is necessary to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims.  We take reasonable measures to destroy or de-identify personal data in a secure manner when it is no longer required.

You have the right to request access to, rectification and deletion of your personal data or that its use be restricted. If you would like to exercise your individual rights, please contact us by accessing our Individual Rights webform. If you have a complaint about how your personal data is being processed, you also have the right to contact the Data Protection Authority in your country.


For more detailed information on how Brightidea processes personal data, please refer to the Brightidea Privacy Notice at


Contact Us

If you have questions about this Privacy Notice, please contact us by email at the address below.

Email Address:

Additionally, In the United States, you may contact Takeda at 1-800-676-8975. (This should only be used in US.)

For more detailed information about how Takeda processes your personal data and your rights related to this processing please refer to Takeda’s Privacy Notice at


For California Residents

During the past 12 months Takeda may have shared limited online personal information (e.g., IP address; device ID, online identifiers, to third parties such as advertising or marketing partners, so that tailored advertising could be delivered to your browser.  Such sharing does not identify you by name, postal address, email address or phone number.

If you are a resident of California and wish to file a complaint or get more information on the California data privacy law, please visit the Office of the California Attorney General’s website or call 1-800-952-5225.  You may also file complaints with the California Privacy Protection Agency or by email at



Contact Us

If you have questions about this Privacy Notice, please contact us by email at the address below.

Email Address:

Additionally, In the United States, you may contact Takeda at 1-800-676-8975. (This should only be used in US.)

For more detailed information about how Takeda processes your personal data and your rights related to this processing please refer to Takeda’s Privacy Notice at

Submit an Idea


How do I submit my idea?

Access the Platform site. Select a Challenge and click the “Post Idea” button to quickly access the Enter Idea form. You can also click on the title bar or image (photo) to access the homepage for a specific Challenge. From this homepage, you can review previously posted ideas, see the key words associated with posted ideas, and post ideas of your own. Review previously posted ideas to find opportunities to collaborate and add your comments on ideas of interest to you.


How and where I can add an attachment to an idea?

To add an attachment to an idea or comment, use the insert icon in the Enter Idea form or comment. Select the location of your file using the “browse” button and select the file from its location. Note the maximum file size is 7MB and only .jpg and .png files will display in the idea detail as a preview and hyperlink. All other attachments will display only as a hyperlink.


What should I do if I have started entering in details about my idea but do not have time to post it immediately?

The Enter Idea form is very simple. Use a Note Pad or MSWord to capture your draft. You can edit your idea details there and then copy the content over to the Enter Idea form when ready. You can also save a draft of your idea and access it later from your profile page.


I have posted my idea but would like to make some changes -- can I do that?

Ideas that have been posted to the Platform system can be edited. Access the Idea page and click on the Edit button.


How do I submit an idea that was created in collaboration with other team members?

The Platform is set up to receive ideas from individuals or teams. On the Enter Idea form, you can choose to post as a team. Click on the “post as a team” option and add members to the team. You can also add team members later, by editing your idea.
Please note that you can only add team members who have already connected to the Platform at least once.


Can I submit multiple ideas under one submission?

For better efficiency and tracking, it is important to submit all ideas individually.


Can I submit an idea that has been suggested in the past but never implemented?

Every idea submitted will be considered, even if the idea is not new. The Platform does have a feature in the Idea Title field that will search for similar ideas already submitted as you are typing in your idea title. You are encouraged not to submit the “exact” same idea. If you have the “exact” same idea find the previously submitted idea in one of three ways: 1) click on the idea that pops up as you are typing in the Idea Title Field, 2) search for the idea by using the search field in the top right navigation, or 3) click the View Ideas link in the top navigation and search through all previously submitted ideas. Each way will link you to the original idea. Review the idea and any attached comments. Add comments either supporting or challenging the idea.


Is it possible to submit anonymous ideas or comments?

No, all ideas and comments are identified by the user’s name. This is necessary so that reviewers can provide feedback or seek further input. As such, it is important that all teammates use good judgment when submitting ideas and making comments on the ideas of others.

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Track an idea


How do I get updates or track the status of an idea I submitted?

Each user is subscribed to his/her own ideas by default and to ideas commented upon unless changes are made to the user’s profile. Locate your name in the navigation bar at the top of the homepage and then click on Edit Profile to change the frequency of the email notifications.


Can I get updates or track the status of an idea submitted by someone else?

Yes. Once you have identified an idea that you wish to track, open up the posting and then click on the link marked “Subscribe to this idea”. This will allow you to receive emails every time new comments are appended to the idea or its status changes.


What is the meaning/implication of “Subscribe to this idea” or “Subscribe to this idea category”?

When you “subscribe” to an idea that was submitted by another user, or subscribe to an idea category, you are asking the Platform to notify you when comments are made by another user or when the status of this idea changes. All notifications are made via email. Users are subscribed to their own ideas by default, and to ideas they have posted comments to unless they change these settings in the My Profile page.


How do I subscribe to an idea or idea category?

You can subscribe to an idea or idea category from the “View Ideas” page or click on an individual idea and subscribe from there. Click the grayed envelope to the right of the idea title. A pop up box will appear, allowing you to choose to subscribe to the specific idea or to the category the idea is tied to, or to both. Once the box shows a green check, click anywhere outside the pop-up box and the box will close.


How do I unsubscribe to an idea or idea category?

If you have subscribed to an idea or category and no longer want to receive updates (comments, status changes, voting, etc), find the idea by searching in the “View Ideas” page or typing key words into the search box on the top right corner of the “View Ideas” page. Once you have located the idea, click the grayed envelope to the right of the idea title. A pop up box will appear; click the box(s) with the green check to unsubscribe to the idea or idea category. Once the green check is gone, click anywhere outside the pop-up box and the box will close.


Can I respond back via email to the email notifications I receive when comments or changes have been made to an idea I have submitted or have subscribed to?

No. These emails are auto-generated by the Platform to inform you of changes and or updates. If you are interested in responding to the comments within the email, click the link to the idea within the auto-generated email and place your response/comment in the Comment section of the idea. This will ensure that all collaboration is tracked and archived within the Platform. This centralization of collaboration is key as these comments may assist the business owner or key stakeholder when they determine the next steps of the idea.


What does it mean to “Favorite” an idea?

“Favorite” is a way for you select ideas of particular interest and easily locate them whenever you want to view them. You can designate an idea as a “Favorite” (or take this designation away) by clicking the star icon located to the right of the idea title. To access your Favorites list, go to the “View Ideas” page and click on the “My Favorite” tab. Note: Designating ideas as a Favorite does not automatically mean you are “subscribed” to them.


How can I increase the visibility of my idea and invite other team members to collaborate on it?

Find your idea by entering key words into the “Search Box” located in the navigation bar. Click on the idea to open your single idea. In the upper right corner click “Email this page” link. Your email application will open with a new message that has the URL for this idea pasted within. You can then enter as many addresses in the “To:” line as desired. Please note that only the company members will be able to access the Platform and that disclosing information and ideas from the Platform outside company is not permitted.

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View an idea


When reviewing someone else’s new idea, where do I enter my comments?

On the “View Idea” page is a box at the very bottom where you can post your comment on a particular idea. Your comment can also be directed toward a previously posted comment, as well as an original idea. If you click "Reply", to a comment that has been previously posted, you can respond directly to the commenter.


Can I search for my ideas?

Within "My Profile" you will see your 20 most recently posted ideas. If you know the unique numeric identifier of an idea you have posted, you can enter it into the Search box in the top navigation area and this idea will be brought into view.


Where can I review ideas that have been previously submitted?

Go to the tab labeled View Ideas (top navigation bar). Ideas posted to Challenges are only viewable while the Challenge is active. If the Challenge has been closed, contact the Platform support for assistance as all ideas are permanently archived on the site.


Can I sort the list of ideas by some attributes to focus my list?

Once you have selected “View Ideas”, you can sort the idea by clicking on various attributes of the idea, such as "Category" and "Status". Use the "Clear" at the top of the list to reset your filter settings.

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Vote on an idea


How do I vote for an idea?

From the Platform home page, select the Challenge you are interested in. Use the “View Ideas” action to search for ideas you wish to vote on. Using the “Recent” button will bring those posted most recently into view or you can use the Search functionality if you know the key words of the idea of interest. Once you have found the idea you are looking for, click on the Idea Title. On the top of the next screen, you can “Promote” an idea by clicking on Promote. Promoting an idea indicates your desire to see the idea further developed because you believe it has potential to create unique revenue generation or cost savings for the company.


Can other users see whether I have supported their idea (e.g. promote, comment, etc)?

Yes, all actions within the Platform are linked to a specific user. It is important that all teammates use good judgment when submitting ideas and making comments on the ideas of others.


How do I remove my vote from a particular idea?

If you have voted on an idea and wish to retract your vote, find the idea, click on the title, then in the detail page, locate the "Clear Opinion" button located below the description. This will remove your vote.

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Commenting on an idea


When should I make a comment on an idea?

If you have additional information that would help in the evaluation of an idea or if you think of different ways that implementing this idea can add value to customers, then you should put that information into a comment linked to the idea. Information that challenges the impact that an idea could have is also relevant. Note: Once you make a comment to an idea, the Platform will send you an email update any time another comment to this idea is posted to the system, regardless of whether you have subscribed to the idea or not.


If I want to support an idea, should I put in a comment saying I like it, or is there some other way to show my opinion?

If you want to support an idea and have no other information that would help with the evaluation of the idea posted, you can simply “Promote” the idea by clicking on the green arrow that appears to the left of the idea information. Promoting an idea will not automatically subscribe you to the idea. However, if you make a Comment, you will automatically receive email updates about the idea you have commented on, regardless of whether you have actively subscribed to the idea or not.


Can other team members see that I have commented on an idea or promoted it?

Yes, your comments and your actions to promote an idea are visible to all participants to the campaign. You can see comments on the idea detail page and a listing of team members that have promoted an idea is at the very bottom of the idea detail page. There are no anonymous actions that can be made in the Platform.


How do I provide comments on an existing idea?

To make a comment on an idea already posted to the Platform, click on the “Comments” link under the idea on the “View Ideas” page. This will take you to the idea detail page where the comments text box is at the very bottom (scroll down if there are many comments already posted). If you are already on the idea detail page, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the text box marked “Add Comment” and then type in the text box. Make sure you hit the “Post Comment” button before you exit this screen.


What happens if I make a comment on an idea?

Comments help with the evaluation of an idea and thus, if you have additional information that might help with understanding the value of an idea, you should make a comment.
Important Note: Once you comment, you will receive updates via email from Platform when any other comments are made on this same idea. This happens even if you have not “subscribed” to the idea. Thus, if your comment is only intended to indicate that you support an idea, please consider using the “Promote” buttons instead, as use of these will not automatically push updates to you in email.

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Ideas status/process


Can I comment on ideas that have moved to a status beyond Submitted?

The Platform system is designed to allow for comments to be made on any idea that is posted. However, comments made on ideas that have moved from Submitted to another status may not be reviewed by the selection boards. If you are interested in staying connected with an idea you or someone else submitted or have input you would like to share, see answers to the following questions or contact the Idea Evaluator as documented in the comments section for information.


What if my idea falls outside of the current business plan or the priorities established for a specific functional area? Does this mean my idea will not be considered?

Selections Boards of Subject Matter Experts (Evaluators) are asked to consider the merit of each idea given the current situation, customer value, and other relevant parameters. Our business plans are somewhat fluid and need to be open to modification if and when the right ideas and circumstances come into play. The customer value that both new and old ideas bring will be considered and compared to the previously agreed upon business plan and decisions will be made accordingly.


How long are ideas retained?

All ideas, regardless of the Challenge are retained indefinitely within the Platform database. If you are not able to find an idea previously submitted, contact a member of the Innovation Team.


Will I be recognized or rewarded for my ideas?

Recognition and rewards are listed on the [Incentive page].

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What is the "My Profile" icon or tab?

Your personal profile has been pre-loaded with your name, job title and other information from the group directory. You cannot edit that information on the Platform as they are automatically updated each time you connect. If there is an error in that information, please contact your group directory local administrator. There are also some fields (such as a profile picture) that you can manage yourself. On the My Profile page, you can also view your most recent ideas and comments (up to 20) posted in the Platform. You may enhance the basic features of your profile by clicking on Edit Your Profile. By default, you will be notified via email of any comments or status changes made to your own ideas. On this edit page you can select the frequency of these email updates (immediately, daily, weekly) or you can remove the default feature and turn off all emails from the Platform. Also, you may personalize your profile by adding in a picture. You can use “non-badge” photos as long as they keep with the professionalism expected in the workplace. Click on Upload Photo, locate the folder your photo is in and click ok. Please remember to hit the Save Updates button if you have made changes to your profile. No changes will be saved unless you complete this step.
Note: Adding your photo to My Profile is greatly encouraged. The personal profile import was limited to text data which prevented photos/images being pre-loaded.


I cannot see the entire window, what is wrong and how can I see the full text?

Sometimes, users may copy/paste information from the net or other programs and this may cause an undesired masking in the display. If you have a scroll bar within the window, use this to shift the view and see the sides. If you do not have scroll bars, locate the text or an entry box and move your mouse to cause the window to reposition.


Do I need to change my email settings to receive notifications from the system?

The mail server should allow you to get emails from the Platform system directly to your Outlook Inbox. However, it is recommended that you verify your junk email or filtered inbox in case one has been incorrectly filtered out. If you find a message that has been filtered into your Junk Folder, right click on the email and follow these steps: Click on Junk Email and select Add Sender to Safe Senders List.


Why didn’t I see the Terms & Conditions?

You will not see the Terms & Conditions for two reasons: 
1. You have read through and accepted them in the past (you have logged in at least once in the new environment).
2. You have the Pop-Up Blocker enabled in your browser. Please note, following login, a small bar may appear at the top of your browser asking you if you would like to enable Pop-Up Blocking just for this session or always for this site. Please choose the setting to always allow pop-ups for this site as there are other pages within the Platform that will require pop-ups.

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Why should I participate?


Why should I participate in Challenges or post Ideas and Comments?

Reasons for participating can vary from Challenge to Challenge, but the most common benefits include:

  • Making your job easier/more manageable/more enjoyable through impacting solutions to issues or challenges that arise
  • Seeing your ideas become a reality
  • Receiving recognition and/or rewards from leaders and team members
  • Helping our company continue to dominate certain markets while expanding into others
  • Building a stronger global community 


How can I become more involved in strengthening innovation in our culture or using the Platform?

There are many ways that you can get more involved. Here are a few:

  • Provide feedback to your local leader from the submitter’s perspective
  • Become a local advocate at your site for the Platform and the Innovation process
  • Subscribe to ideas that you feel are the most interesting or impactful for our company
  • Actively collaborate and build on existing ideas
  • Provide Subject Matter Expert services around one or many topics

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